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Pack Walking &  Dog Training

Who We Are:

We are a social club for dogs.

Founded in 2009 as a pet sitting company offering services for difficult dogs. As business grew, we morphed to offer in home dog daycare and boarding. I quickly ran into all the problems I had seen working in ‘big box’ daycares: anxiety, low tolerance, lack of socialization skills, boredom and destructive habits. This made me realize that dogs require something more than what the current socializing model was offering them.

We created our Pack Adventure program in 2016 to provide a place where dogs could explore, exercise and socialize in a structured primally fulfilling way. We have found this alternative way extremely effective for dogs especially those who may have scary or overwhelming prior social experiences. We help both sides of the leash within home individualized lessons to help families merge dog training into their everyday lifestyles.

What We Do:

Half day hike excursions.

Having trouble breaking bad habits?

Bespoke training tailored to your lifestyle.

You can relax while you travel or staycation.

From deluxe baths to nail trims. Pamper your pack.

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