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Pack Walking &  Dog Training

Who We Are:

Founded in 2009 as a pet sitting company offering services for dogs with special medical or behavior needs who don't fit into the current 'one size fits all' model of pet care services being offered. 

In 2015 we created our Pack Adventure program to provide a place where dogs could explore, exercise and socialize in a structured primally fulfilling way. We have found this alternative way extremely effective especially for those whom may have scary or overwhelming prior social experiences.

In 2016 after completing an extensive canine behavior program we introduced training programs including group, individual lessons, and behavior modification courses. Now our training is strictly one on one relationship focused. We encourage both sides of the leash to create communication and cooperation through engagement and presence. Our needed methods and techniques are determined by handler and canine comfort.


Social hiking excursions.

Bespoke relationship based training

tailored to your lifestyle.

In-home overnight pet care for your whole pack

Very important but often challenging.

We can help!

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