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Client Barkimonials 

Let me first start by saying supporting your local babe business rather than the large corporation is amazing.
Robin is so caring towards her customers beyond the dogs she cares for. She adds a personal touch to every situation and makes me feel comfortable putting my dog and cats in her care. I cannot thank Robin enough for being there for me and my fur family for everything that we ask of her. 5 star recommendation from me 7 days a week.

Dana with a bunch of dogs.jpeg

"I thought that my pup was nonfriendly. But our hike together showed me that he is good with other dogs. Thank you for showing me this. You have truly found your calling."

"Robin is great. She is very observant and truly cares for dogs. She understands them and their needs.Thanks to her guidance & ideas we are helping Sheila make wonderful progress.
One of her clients said that she is a dog whisperer of Nevada...and I agree 200%. Amazing! I would give her more than 5 stars, if I could!"

Brianne D Pic.jpeg

Robin (Owner of K9Kula) is absolutely the BEST! We found Robin several years ago after a horrible experience with a dog-boarding company (in Las Vegas) and have only boarded our dogs with Robin ever since. Our fur-babies are always happy to see Robin and when we return from out-of-town, our boys are safe and healthy. Robin has also helped us correct behavioral issues with our dogs. She very trustworthy, friendly, easy-going, and truly cares for the well-being of animals.

"Robin treats every dog client as a part of her own pack, and all the dogs look up to her as a pack leader. She is respectful, funny, energetic, and most importantly, she naturally has a calm and commanding presence that dogs respond to. I have participated in pack walks with Robin's pack, and it made a tremendous difference in the demeanor and attitude in my dogs both during and after the walk. My dogs now have much better manners and social skills, which makes me a much happier pet owner.
I would highly recommend Robin to anyone who's looking for dog care in the Las Vegas area."

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Peyton- Boston terrier.jpeg

A friend referred me to K9KULA back in March. Robin is the absolute BEST and there is no one else I would trust with my fur baby! Getting pictures & videos is probably my favorite part! Love seeing my pup out & about having a blast!

"I swear Robin was a dog in her past life .   They way she communicates and relates to dogs is incredible .  I had hired 3 trainers prior to finding Robin , each trainer/behaviorist taught me some things ,  but it wasn’t until I met Robin that I truly understood Dog Psychology and how to handle my dogs stress and anxiety issues .  She was patient with me (and my dog ) and has taught me so much over the last few years . Not only is Robin my dogs behaviorist and walker, she has now become a good friend"

Pit in glasses.JPG

"I really can't say enough wonderful things about Robin. I've known her for years now, since she adopted a senior, special-case dog that my husband and I found as stray. She is a true animal lover and clearly cares for all dogs with the same love and dedication that she shows her own pup. She is reliable, trustworthy, diligent, and above all, compassionate. Some of our dogs are special needs, behaviorally and medically, and she hasn't shied away from helping regardless of a difficult circumstance. She is definitely a gem, and I know our dog, Posey, adores her. Robin has been the most responsible and loving caregiver and nanny to our girl, Posey. Po has been working through some behavioral issues with Robin's help the last few months, and we trust her implicitly. During her time with Robin, she has learned how to interact with other dogs, to trust those around her, and how to live in the moment by safely following Robin's lead. She really has a natural ability to understand and communicate with the dogs in her care. It's incredible to watch! We are lucky to have her help with Posey and our pack, and anyone else would be lucky to say the same."

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